Hockney – Van Gogh : The Joy of Nature

Now on view at the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (1 March – 26 May 2019)

The world-famous art of David Hockney (1937) is colourful and colossal. Hockney is inspired by nature. He makes use of bright colours and experiments with perspective. Van Gogh was also strongly influenced by these themes. The resemblances between these two artists are no coincidence. Vincent van Gogh was a great source of inspiration for David Hockney. You can discover more parallels in the exhibition Hockney – Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature.

The Amsterdam exhibition reveals both artists’ extraordinary observation ability. It is a great demonstration of how the best British art has always been part of the mainstream European tradition that brought us the genius of Van Gogh.

David Hockney’s use of bold and contrasting colors is an inspiration for many. Vincent van Gogh was equally fascinated by the changing of seasons, his landscapes show the extraordinary in an unremarkable view.
Their fascination for the continuous change in nature is what captivates their audiences.

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