MOMIQ loves colours and consequently loves fabfabrics!

MOMIQ uses antique and vintage furniture combined with handcrafted colourful old and new fabrics. The fabrics used are mainly from countries along the old silk road such as Uzbekistan and central Asia.

Because of our shared passion for fabrics we asked Roos and Lidewij, the founders of MOMIQ, to choose their favourite fabfabrics cushions…..

“Our absolute number 1 favourite is the Maori Cayenne cushion. Not only because we as Momiq have designed chairs with this gorgeous fabric but also because the feeling of culture and traditions are beautifully represented in this pattern.

Because of our love for colour we could not resist the Astro confetti cushion. Great bold colour combinations make it such an eye catcher. We say “be a dare!”

Very important in life: keep up with the fun!

The Narciso velvet cushion is also one we love. The rich deep velvet in the bottle green colour gives it a mature look yet the small fun detail in the corner makes for an attractive cushion with a touch of humour.

The Rataplan in our opinion cannot be missed, a natural look, yet at the same time striking due to its stripes and perfect colour composition.

The Langham pouf really makes us want to boogie woogie. This great pattern in perfect colouring is not to be missed. An all time favourite!”