Mechtelien van Alkemade &
Vanessa Loudon

Mechtelien and Vanessa both live in Amsterdam. They met 15 years ago and enjoyed working together on several stimulating projects designing and creating various home interiors.

Mechtelien was more into greys and nudes, Vanessa championed wild and ‘over the top colour’ enhanced interiors. They always met somewhere in the middle and because it worked so well they decided to create this platform together. Here they can combine all of their styles and hopefully create something for every taste, whether blended with modern, classical, colourful, wild over-the-top or cool and minimalist, yet everything comes with a unique FAB twist for you.

We hope you will enjoy this collection as much as we do and would love you to share your photos and experiences with us!

Cushions have become the essential accessory to your – and every – interior. You can change them often and so completely change the atmosphere of the room. The pouffes they added to the collection have a very decorative look but are also practical seating either at the table or just scattered around the room!

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Made in Holland

All our cushions are handmade in Holland.

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Taking care of your interior as well as our environment.

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Unique designs

Every cushion is an exclusive design, made with care and love.

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Custom designs

Can’t find where you looking for? Ask us to make your custom cushion.

Our fabrics

We only select and offer fabrics of the highest quality, and from the very best brands. We might have just one meter of striking fabric in stock and combine it with some other complementing fabric, making these one-offs and not to be re-ordered.  That’s why our cushions are original and fun.

Bear in mind that the stock we have is limited and re-ordering can take approx. 4 weeks for delivery. 

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Official Elitis store

Elitis is a French company founded in Toulouse. They started with designing wallpaper 30 years ago and were the first to introduce the now famous crocodile wallpaper. And all with a very creative influence and interesting design. Their contemporary products always have an edge on the latest techniques. They have now also included accessories for the home – cushions, throws, quilts – all adorable and colourful using velvets, silks, linens and fun trimmings and appliques.

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Ardmore design

The Ardmore Artists from South Africa are an extraordinary group of talented people, who spend their days creating designs that wow collectors around the world. Whether it’s fabric design or ceramics. Under the expert guidance of Ardmore founder Fée Halsted and her daughters Catherine and Megan, the team of artists at Ardmore continues to grow and now numbers almost 70. This extraordinary team have also created such interesting and colourful cushions that we are delighted to sell these here. Buying these will support the Ardmore team in South Africa and give new upcoming artists a chance to show their designs around the world!

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