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All of our products are sustainably handmade in Holland from carefully curated and selected designer fabrics and trimmings of the very highest quality.

Hendrikje Crebolder joined the Rijksmuseum’s Board of Directors in 2017. As Director of Development & Media she is responsible for fundraising, stakeholder management, communication, marketing and (online) publications.

Being a director of the Rijksmuseum, she has a unique appreciation of beautiful things. Check out her favourite fabfabric cushions….

My dream favourites
by Hendrikje

Of course it was impossible to choose only one favorite because it was as if I had fallen into a treasure chest! Cushions have literally to be like kisses. They should have the power to make me dream, so that’s how I chose my dream cushions. I love to dream of other countries with their unique smells and colours and these cushions and pouffes were able to whisk me away to those places…
First of all I kiss Tanzania, the country where I was born and saw my first colours. This cushion takes me there and when I close my eyes I smell the smells again. When I have returned I sit up on the Formosa pouf – Formosa a former colony of The Netherlands, now Taiwan, is where I have wonderful memories of travelling there as a 14 year old with my family. I stay in Asia and dive into the softness of Poeme Dragon – inspired by the name but also its exotic look. And now I freshen up with the Universo Cedro– the bright colour and lines give light and space that make you feel happy. Finally, to the Haikou – the eponymous city in China – for the deep Indigo blue colours – used in Asia for centuries as a dye and a reference to the Greek word indikon – India – that only became better known in Europe through the sea route discovered by Vasco Da Gama at the end of the 15th century. These make you long for the sea & heavenly blue. What more can you dream of?
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